A lot of bike event stuff in is shared on instagram, to such a degree that I didn't even question making an instagram account for a new ride. So here's your invite to the Reasonable Morning Ride!

I created this ride because I was annoyed by all the morning rides in Richmond being at 5:45AM.

Follow on insta for updates: https://instagram.com/reasonable.morning.rides/

Here's a sample of one of Richmond's easier mountain bike trails, which I especially enjoy on my cross check.


Heads up if anyone is headed that way, the light at Idlewood and boulevard is out. Not even flashing.

Looks like Sugar & Twin is looking to expand into the former bits&pixel's space in order to keep the window, expand, and re-introduce sit-down space. As one of the metioned people who likes going to the window while walking my dog, this makes me happy. It's a Win-Win.


Overheard in Carytown: we should bring pizza to the goat!!

I never got around to doing an on mastodon, so hello from my own little corner of the fediverse powered by :goose_honk:

I'm Daniel, a and obsessed software engineer. I live in Richmond, Virginia . I also enjoy , , , and all things .