in reply to this object ... which seems to get an internal server error when I try to vote in this poll 😅

in reply to this object in that vein.. I looked into adding Photos support (the ActivityPub object type) to (it does Notes and can publish Articles too). When investigating this, I was largely inspired by pixelfed. But once I dug into pixelfed, it seems to publish ActivityPub Notes, not Photos! Why is that the case if pixelfed is photo-only? Shouldn't embracing the magic of the fediverse include embracing the types that ActivityPub defines?

Inspired by's fediverse-connections tool, I ran a little SQL against my instance to find my top 20 instances I interact with. Pretty in-line with my bio! (many folks are on instances)

Explore your fediverse connections

in reply to this object This is closed source, right? Mind sharing what library you use for the visualization? I can get the numbers from my instance with a simple sql query:

with handles as (
	select handle from "following" f join actor a on f.actor_id = 
	select handle from "follower" f join actor a on f.actor_id = 
select substr(handle, 2+instr(substr(handle, 2), '@')), count(substr(handle, 2+instr(substr(handle, 2), '@'))) count
from handles
group by substr(handle, 2+instr(substr(handle, 2), '@'))
order by count desc

Just got around to adding a custom emoji to my instance :ban_cars:

fun fun fun, seems I took down my server by trying to upload a photo. It was entirely unresponsive till I force shutdown the virtual server.

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's customizability feels a little like using but built by and for webdevs

I just customized it with a version of my project so these mountain ridges are different on each load.

Check it out at

I never got around to doing an on mastodon, so hello from my own little corner of the fediverse powered by :goose_honk:

I'm Daniel, a and obsessed software engineer. I live in Richmond, Virginia . I also enjoy , , , and all things .

Trying out :goose_honk: