A lot of bike event stuff in is shared on instagram, to such a degree that I didn't even question making an instagram account for a new ride. So here's your invite to the Reasonable Morning Ride!

I created this ride because I was annoyed by all the morning rides in Richmond being at 5:45AM.

Follow on insta for updates: https://instagram.com/reasonable.morning.rides/

I just whipped up a little PWA to make my life on the a bit easier: share2interact. It's a web share target that forwards the shared link to your ActivityPub instance's Authorize/Lookup endpoint.

I built this because it's meaningless to follow hashtags from single-user ActivityPub instances(and impossible on old versions of mastodon and all versions of microblogpub), so I have an backup/lurking account at @dschep@mastodon.social to follow hashtags and browse on mobile via apps like megalodon.

This new little app allows me to more easily open toots & other ActivityPub objects (such as user profiles) from any Android app in another ActivityPub service in a browser.

Check it out at https://share2interact.glitch.me/

share2interact share2interact.glitch.me